2017 Rewind- "Top 10" Magnepels Looks

2017 Rewind- "Top 10" Magnepels Looks

January 02, 2018 0 Comments

Magnepels 2017 "Top Ten" Looks- Header
This past year, was a year of exploration and the building of new relationships. As we reflected on our yearly accomplishments we realized just how stylish our supporters were. This led to us wanting to highlight the unique styles and/or looks of our fashion enthusiast. Let's Review the "Top 10" Magnepels looks of 2017. 
(The looks listed below is not in any particular order/ hierarchy)
Shawn's Printed Double Breasted Suit

Magnepels Brand Ambassador, Shawn T. Blanchard,  is sporting a nice printed double breasted suit. He  added a pop up color with a rusted like orange tie. He  is Magnepel-ing in our small denim rose.

Benjamin's Winter Sunflower

Magnepels supporter, Benjamin Simmons  is giving us some of that New York City flavor. We liked how he styled the Magnepel, even in the cold weather. He is Magnepel-ing with our sunflower on a  nice camel coat. 

Sharita's Pretty Peacock Pattern

Magnepels supporter and stylist Sharita Nicole, is truly showing the world that #WomenWearMagnepels too. We love the knee boots w/ the peacock patterned dress. He is Magnepel-ing w/ our Gold Rose MagnePin on her shirt collar. 

King Flexxa Wears His Crown 
The massive host, KingFlexxa, shows off his custom wine colored suit as he celebrates his 30th B-day. Kings wear crowns and Flexxa's gold crown MagnePin helps foster that stylish synergy of colors for this dapper look. 
Kells Pushes Pinstripes 
Pin Stripes for the win!!!! Magnepels brand ambassador, Kells Barnett, is creatively wearing his Magnepel. We love everything about this look. From the unconventional usage of our yellow carnation on a t-shirt, to the classic chucks (converses) complimenting the pin stripe pants. Check out his awesome clothing boutique, Harlem Haberdashery (pictured in the background) if you are in New York City. 
Simple Sophistication w/ Steven
Suits & Boots is the look we are going w/ here. Steven White, CEO, of Different Regard, shows you how to simple sophistication. We love the all black look to showcase the accessories. He is Magnepel-ing w/ our silver logo Magnepin.
The Wolf Provides a Mustard Melody
The wolf of wardrobe, Everette Tate, this look goes back to the summer style. Gotta love this mustard yellow suit w/ our daisy for the subtle of color. 
Eric Shines on the Finale
TV Star, Eric Bigger, shines on the Bachelorette season 13 finale in a custom suit by Loren Spratt. We love the hound-tooth printed suit and the peaked lapels. Eric is Magnepel-ing with our black carnation to give his ensemble a little pop. 
Dennis Shows Style Synergy 
Magnepels Brand Ambassador and style influencer, Dennis Carvajal, is killing the layers w/ this unique pin stripe coat. The balance of patterns between the pin stripes, pocket square and Crown MagnePin creates a create stylish synergy.   
Harlem Harberdasher Rock Tartan
The Harlem Haberdasher, Kells Barnett. dressed so nice, he made the list twice. His second look showcased is highlighted by this tartan patterned suit and accompanied with an influx of accessories. The most amazing thing about the looks is the ability to make all the accessories work in a balance. 
Honorable Mention
We were only able to list 10 stylish looks but we wanted to highlight this stylish tandem too. Since they came as a pair they did not make the top 10 but this classic contrast of black, red and white is always a hit. We love how Kevin Pleasant gave us a little bit of bond flare w/ this look and it could not go unnoticed. 

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