Same Flower, Different Look

Same Flower, Different Look

July 09, 2018 0 Comments

What’s amazing about accessories is the unlimited ability for versatility. Versatility is the best weapon you can have to expand your look. Given the right accessory you can use that versatility to flip a number of looks with a dash of color. Lapel pins are great for taking any outfit setup to another level, it adds a level of class whether you’re wearing sneakers or shoes. The magnepel pins are great because I’ve used on both clothing and other accessories, such as, bags and hats. You can take one pin and transform your looks so many different ways that the dope possibilities are endless. 

The color yellow to me in a seasonal universal color that can be worn whenever in any weather to add to your look. I probably wear my yellow floral magnepel pin the most because of this reason. When you pair the yellow pin with another subtle touch of yellow, and/or gold, in your outfit it makes the pin pop. Yellow is one of those colors that can be paired with almost every color given the right undertone. Pinstripes and yellow are an ideal match because of the monotone patterns. The addition to a pop of color allows the outfit to look greater than what it already is.

Accessories allow you to do more with your outfit without overdoing it. You can take your formal to casual wear to places greater than just being a good outfit. Business casual suits can have added color without looking to over the top. Playing around with accessories can increase the closet life of any outfit because many outfit setups look different with an assortment of different accessories.

Dope accessories are your friend and an outfit isn’t ever really complete until accessories are added.