Suited & Booted

Suited & Booted

November 15, 2017 0 Comments

Guest Blogger: Steven White (Different Regard)                                                     

Different Regard offers full service in the made to measure industry. These services include custom suits, coats and more. Hear from Different Regard's, Co-Owner, Steven White, as he breaks down the art of wearing suits and boots collectively. Steven provides styling tips and addresses the do's and dont's of this common style debate.  

Suit by: Different Regard   Hat by: Goorin Bros  Shoes by: YSL   Lapel Pin by: Magnepel  Glasses by: Prada from Affordable Optics

Every man love boots so why not pair it with the number 1 classic major staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe & that’s a suit. Different Regard, CEO, Steven White, shares with his clients, "matching your hardware is one of the easiest ways to remember how to coordinate your accessories with your boots. Generally, the same rule of thumb applies even if you are wearing denim vs a suit."

Different Regard offers Made 2 Measure Service, it is a daily service we offer to our clients so tailored suits, loafers, & laces are in rotation regularly in my wardrobe like a uniform. Today I decided to put the loafers and laces up for a bit in exchange for my boots since the high in MD was only 40 degrees. With Mother Nature calling or not I tell you boots are winning because they give you extra height if you only 5ft9 something and added weather protection when needed. Since boots do give you added height always try to master that break in your pants so, that your trousers fall right over your boot that way while you’re walking the trousers are not too high and not too low. If you have proper tailoring of your suits you shouldn’t have to alter your trousers to accommodate your boots on a regular. However, depending on the heel of the boot you just have to let the hem out a little until you find that sweet spot that works for all your shoes or even just wing it with some dapper socks sometimes it happens to the best of us. Since it is starting to get cold with these fall/winter days & nights snow and rain is sure to come so, you can still be stylish with all the elements of the season against you. Gents a little health fact is mindful your foot is a major extremity and you can keep them warm and stylish without breaking the bank.

Examples of the do and don’ts with some of my favorite boots in my wardrobe & clients wardrobes.

 Chelsea Boots with suit always works this is one of   the most comfortable boots that is built for man.   Leather Chelsea Boots have style when the leather is a little worn and distressed I keep them polished and   resoled. These boots ages perfectly like a Tufted   Leather Chesterfield Sofa. Good luck its quite a few   different designer brands depending on budget to   choose from these days that make good Chelsea   Boots Tod’s, YSL, Burberry & Allen Edmonds makes   a nice Polished Chelsea Boot



Allen Edmonds Dalton Boot works well with heavier wool suits or lighter wools. The boot in my opinion ages like fine wine. Some other stylish Brogue Boot options are Dries Van Noten, Brunello Cuincelli, & Burberry.


 YSL Jodhpur Boots are sleek and stylish for any suit or tailored clothing. These boots are a statement they work well with a lighter finer wool suit or bamboo suit. Some other options are Brooks Brothers, Salvatore Ferragamo, Frye Co, & Todd Snyder.





 A Combat Boot or Captoe Boot works in inclimate weather conditions. Definitely if it’s freezing rain, or snowing always use your better judgement. Barneys, LLBeam, Thom Browne, & Dr Martens.


 "I wouldn’t do Butters, “timberlands’ it’s a bad idea and they aren’t even warm work boots” 

However they aren’t bad with denim on a more street urban day just please not with a suit!


UGGs- Not my preference or suggestion by any means suit or no suit!

I wouldn’t do UGG boots not unless we have a snow storm or blizzard that’s the only exception.

In fashion we tend to say break the rules express yourself creatively. However just be mindful if it’s too damn cold when you are getting suited and booted don’t be afraid of giving your Suit the Boot.



“ Always Remember Boots Are Just Made For Walking”

 Different Regard


Steven White









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